Check out @EdLabMMU

The Faculty of Education has launched @EdLabMMU! The project is based on 3 interlinked ideas:

Doing Good Stuff

By doing good stuff based upon the interests of students and the needs of the community, EdLab encourages students to enrich the experiences of learners, youth and communities through the opportunities present in informal spaces.

Exploring Innovation in Education

EdLab enables students to explore and create innovation in education through ‘real life’ challenges posed by partner groups. This is supported by workshop spaces, inspiring talks, project development with outside partners and reflective practice.

Enhancing Employability

EdLab is a creative space in which students can develop employment skills by engaging with ‘real world’ educational experiences driven by their passions.

@EdLabMMU works by providing students with inspirational talks and great opportunities to respond to ‘challenges’ to contribute to great projects in-and-around Hulme. For example:


Support and Improve Manchester’s Code Clubs

 Code Club builds a community of volunteers who share their passion for digital making with children and teachers across the UK.

We support our volunteers, who inspire the next generation by running weekly Code Clubs in their local area.

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