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I’ve received a small seed-fund from the AHRC ProtoPublics call! *party poppers pop*

This project aims to overcome the contrived participation of young people in design and research projects creating research spaces that support young person’s asset-based, self-organisation.

The project is a small-scale design experiment, from the perspectives of the adult-researchers in constituting a space for youth self-organisation, and the young people as they interpret and respond to the ‘challenge’:

Prior to attending the first workshop, we will ask the young participants to consider the following questions:

  1. What do you do as Coder DoJo makers/ Woodcraft Folk?
  2. How is this organised?
  3. What are you interested in?

Then, at the first project meeting they will be asked to make a presentation to the other group and given the ‘challenge’:

  1. You have £3000 to make and do/ organise anything you want,
  2. You have between 20th June and 10th August 2015 to do this,
  3. You have to involve other young people,
  4. You have to include your skills and assets,
  5. Your parents have to agree that you can do this,
  6. It cannot involve illegal activity, and
  7. We would like you to record and communicate what you do and how you did it.

I’d appreciate any comments and advice on whether this will work and what the trapdoors might be.

James Duggan

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