Museum of Qualitative Data is Open for the #SIQR

As part of the build up to the Summer Institute in Qualitative Research we are asking speakers and participants to blog about their talk on the Museum of Qualitative Data site. This enables us to spot links, do reading and make sure you get to all of the talks you want to listen to. Click on the image below to visit the site and read the posts.

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This far we’ve had submissions from the following:

Patti Lather (Ohio State University) HETERONATURE, THE GARDEN AS OTHER

‘In this paper I propose the term heteronature, after Foucault’s heterotopia, for representational garden architectures that pointedly reimagine nature. Heteronature represents heterotopian environments that re-place and re-figure materials, phenomena and ideals of the natural world. Heteronature markedly changes spaces and compositions of nature even as it copies them. I compare contemporary European and North American garden festival installations to inflatable architecture events, exhibits and prototypes of the 1960s and 70s. The expandable, malleable and replicable environments of these utopian and dystopian gardens embody strange, other worldly natures. The projects’ territorial and ecological imaginaries of nature reflect postcolonial cultures and countercultures of environmentalism.’ (To read more follow the link.)


Seven Primary School Spaces is a short experimental film I produced with film maker Ben Ewart-Dean. It explores the sights and sounds of a Scottish primary school. The film consists of comprises static video shots of seven empty spaces in the school. Each shot is accompanied by a sound recording of the space when it was occupied, during a typical school day. The images of the empty spaces enable close scrutiny of the physical, material aspects of the school, while the soundtrack evokes the school’s social space – a much more dynamic, noisy set of flows. (Read more by following the link.)

If you would like to post data on the Museum please get in touch! (J.Duggan [at]

James Duggan

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