Museum of Qualitative Data

Okay so we’ve revamped the Museum of Qualitative Data. (Click on the image below to visit the site.)

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 19.07.36

Maggie MacLure the curator of the museum explains it thus:

This is a blog about data, for qualitative researchers in the social sciences, arts and humanities. It is hosted by the Education and Social Research Unit at Manchester Metropolitan University.

We want to stimulate discussions about data: what can count as data, beyond the familiar interview or field note? Is data just passive material, waiting to be animated by our analyses? Or can data be provocative? Excessive?

Think of the data ‘exhibits’ in this living and changing collection, not as inert exhibits in an ordinary museum, but as wondrous items in a cabinet of curiosities.

So take a look at the site, comment on someone’s data and explanation, or add your own by registering and following the links.

James Duggan

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