New York Calling… MMU Learning Hive Community

Building on MMU’s successful engagement with the Manchester Learning Hive Community, we had a Google Hangout with Rafi Santo and Dixie Ching from the Hive Research Lab in New York this evening.

MMU Learning Hive Community student participants are currently working in 6 local primary schools. There’s been some initial nerves but in the quieter moments in Hulme you can hear the furrowing of brows, the sound of cardboard being taped to cardboard, and the methodical pushing of wires into and from Arduinos… as a small army of robots take shape… ROBOT CHALLENGE!!!!!!!

It was great to talk to Dixie and Rafi and get their insights into the way in which their research has informed the development of the Hive network in New York and further afield. We are in Manchester lucky to have a research team at the beginning and at the centre of things, exploring the initial challenges and opportunities as the community takes shape. (This may mean nothing much will happen but we are going to think and research and write the hell out of it.) We’re keen to develop the participatory angle in working with young people – pupils and MMU student participants – to research and think through the emergence and development of the Hive community in Manchester. The Hive is about enabling young people and wider communities to participate, experiment and innovate to learn and make – so enabling them to engage in the research of this processes just makes sense and fits with the wider ethic. This would build on ESRI’s tradition of innovative and participatory research methods, while also learning from great student-driven projects at MMU such as the Manchester School of Art’s Unit X.

It’s not exactly the picture of the weasel on the woodpecker but check out the minute by minute action below,

2015-03-05 17.12.18

If anyone has any ideas for research or funding or would like more information on the MMU Learning Hive Community then please get in touch.

James Duggan (on behalf of the MMU Learning Hive Community)

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