Soldering a TWSU DIY Gamer Kit – First MMU Learning Hive Network Session

You’re all going to be hearing more about the Manchester Learning Hive. Learning Hive Networks are “comprised of organizations (libraries, museums, schools and non-profit startups) and individuals (educators, designers, community catalysts and makers). Together, they create opportunities for youth to learn within and beyond the confines of traditional classroom experiences, design innovative practices and tools that build the field for greater impact, and contribute to their own professional development within an active community of practice.” Read more about Hives here or watch this video:

As part of MMU’s engagement with the Manchester Learning Hive, we hosted a soldering session with CodeClub (website/ Twitter) volunteers from Manchester to build one of the very wonderful Technology Will Save Us DIY Gamer Kit.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 19.02.31

The DIY Gamer Kit allows you to build your very own programmable handheld gamer that you can play classic games like Snake on. We were at the very beginning, taking the packs out of the boxes and then SOLDERING the bits (technical term) together. TWSU make a series of great resources to help educators and pupils to use their resources. We used this one:

For those of you incredulous empiricists only believing what your eyes tell you, below are some photos of what it looked like:

2015-02-18 16.19.20

2015-02-18 17.19.38

2015-02-18 17.30.37

And finally, it working:

James Duggan

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