On the 19th of June TIPL had its last meet-up of the academic year.  David Jackson, a PhD student based at MIRIAD, came to the meeting to talk to us and let us play with Storyjacker: “Storyjacker is a platform that encourages people to write more meaningful stories together online. It does this using writing games featuring mechanics such as competitive reward, player-devised challenges and random elements. It has tested well, primarily in workshop scenarios with both creative writing and other arts students.” Screen shot 2014-06-20 at 16.52.22

In 3’s we had a go at writing short stories using Bamboo on Storyjacker. Bamboo pits three writers against one another to suggest story lines and write the story in response to plot twists and turns that are suggested by the software. Two people write and the third decides which one is the best and through this process the story emerges.

We said that the best story would be published on the blog and without ceremony or legitimate process I declare my team’s story the best. Enjoy!


story pdf

We had a blast using Storyjacker and I’d recommend any aspiring writer or group of friends give it a go. We ended wondering if Storyjacker or something similar could be used to help with academic writing. So example, two variables are stuck in a lift together – write the next line. Now build in an turn, cultural or ontological. The funding climate shifts, disguise your research interests in using statistical methods to please the funders. Write in an act of god (e.g., you are funded). Okay so that’s a narrative of doing research but you get the idea…

James Duggan



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