The Great PupGrad Crash of 2023

Okay, so another design fiction for you all (see my first one on drones monitoring Ofsted inspectors here).  This one is focuses on the great PupGrad crash of 2023. It’s about the

The idea with design fictions is to try and make them look realistic. I’ve no idea what how or if the news will be delivered in 2023. I guess it could be pulsed into your synapses in between adverts that seek out memories and implant products. I don’t have the skills to recreate that so I went for a fake newspaper generator.

news 1


  • The widespread miss-selling of insurance to teachers is discovered. Dred-Excelsior pay minor fine.
  • EduGrad market securitised, enabling selling and re-selling of asset-based insurance. Critics say it’s similar to the Collateralized Debt Obligation from pre-2008. Supporters say education needs innovation.
  • Dred-Excelsior found to have fraudulently re-sold data from excluded children, including murdered school girl Jenny Diddington. Supporters say the rude health of the market demonstrates the scheme is working.

news 3

The next stage is to figure out what the fall out of the collapse would mean for education in relation to how education at that point might be configured.

James Duggan

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