Welcome to the ESRI blog!

Welcome to the ESRI blog! That’s the Education and Social Research Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Over the last decade ESRI has earned a reputation for producing world-class research on a range of topics such as Early Years, Children and Childhood; Maths and Science Education; Technology in Education; Trust and Risk in Adult-Child Relationships; Community Engagement and Social Justice issues; and especially our work on Qualitative Research and innovative research methodologies.  
We are starting this blog because we are aware that as academics our research is published in academic journals which are bought by libraries, but may not be easily accessible to wider readerships, and that, for example, teachers and early years professionals, whose practice may benefit from our research, do not necessarily have the time or resources to access the details of our work.  We are aiming to develop different ways in which we can bridge academia, policy and practice.
Each week we will bring you a new post that provides a snapshot of our research, our views on policy or current affairs, or a description of events or seminars hosted by ESRI.
Please come back and see the weekly post every Friday. We look forward to hearing from you. 
Director, ESRI

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