Youth employment in the ‘gig’ economy, isolation and @youthloneliness

Isolation at the beginning of working lives 

As part of the @YouthLoneliness project (Twitter/Tumblr), we are interested to find out more about young people’s working lives, their casual employment, their experience of self-employment and their involvement in the ‘gig economy.’

The Co-op Movement (like the Trade Union movement) was a movement that brought people facing harsh conditions together in search of ways of improving lives. What networks of connection can we imagine that will do that today?

We are offering 3 workshops on Wednesdays 1.00pm to 3pm (with a Tuesday evening option too) in May based at the People’s History Museum and will be looking at archive material in the museum to inspire print making, documentary work and photography and ideas for today.

There is also the option for the same sessions to run on the preceding evenings at The Space, Great Ancoats Street, from 5.00-7.00pm.

The workshops will run on the following dates: May 3r​d​; May 17t​h​; May 24t​h They will have the following format:

Workshop One: ​ Starting a documentary process. Focussing on issues facing young people in employment and using the Museum archive to prompt ideas, this session will share learning about audio, photographic and video collection using a smartphone, all these things can be used to document youth employment over the following two weeks.

Workshop Two: ​This session will draw together what has been collected and involve the production of a multi-media, mixed art form, collage or mosaic piece based on the research done in the previous 2 weeks.

Workshop Three: ​A panel lead discussion and debate about isolation, loneliness and young people in the workplace.

To book your place follow this link

Priority booking will be given to people aged between 16 and 25 but the events are open to all.

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